Well I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 400 more…

…just to be the man who walked 900 miles for FMAUK!

Okay, okay.. we all know my songwriting skills leave a lot to be desired.. BUT..

Paul Truswell is taking on a massive challenge and walking 900 miles, all to raise money for FMAUK and to raise awareness of Fibromyalgia! Paul has a big target of wanting to raise £10,000! WOW!

Paul will be starting his journey in Dover on the 1st of April (I swear this isn’t an April fools joke!) and will end at Cape Wrath in the highlands of Scotland. Paul thinks this will take about 50 days to complete.

Paul needs help to find accommodation/somewhere to pitch his tent along the way. Close to Newcastle, Paul will be stopping at the following places: April 25th – Bishopton, County Durham, April 26th – Durham, April 27th – Heddon on the Wall, April 28th – Morpeth. He will also be passing through Teeside and Berwick Upon Tweed.


We are looking to get a group of members together to cheer Paul on and meet him when he reaches Heddon on the Wall on the 27th of April! It would be so amazing if we could be there to show him how much this means to us, and how amazing it is that he is doing this massive challenge all for us and FMAUK! We could try to arrange car shares to get to Heddon on the Wall and will discuss it in more detail on our closed Facebook page. Or you can email us at newcastlefibro@gmail.com for more info.

Pictured above: the route Paul will be walking from Dover all the way to Cape Wrath.

If anyone knows of anywhere that Paul can stay for free (either accommodation or somewhere to pitch his tent) whilst on this mammoth journey please get in touch with us at newcastlefibro@gmail.com and we can help arrange it with Paul.

For more info on Paul’s trek please visit his website here: Paul Truswell – Trussy Trek 2018 website

To donate to Paul to help raise money for FMAUK please go to his justgiving page here: Justgiving.com – Paul Truswell, Trussy Trek 2018