2nd November 2017


Medical Information Pack

If your healthcare professional needs some education about fibromyalgia, you can request that a Medical Professionals Pack is sent out to them from Fibromyalgia Action UK. Visit FMAUK information pack for Medical Professionals for more information.

Benefits Advice

Having to claim benefits can be an extremely stressful and confusing time. Here's some practical information from FMAUK: FMAUK benefits advice FMAUK also have a benefits helpline 0300 999 0055 (10am - 12pm Mon, Wed, and Fri) You can also read my blog post with guidance on assessments from when we had an adviser from Disability North as our guest speaker here: Disability North advice

Research into a blood test for Fibromyalgia

Arthritis Research UK have provided funding for a team at Kings College London who aim "to develop a diagnostic blood test by examining samples and measurements taken from 400 twin volunteers, in which one twin has fibromyalgia, to try to identify markers in their DNA that are associated with the disease." Find out more details here:Arthritis Research UK - research into diagnostic blood test for Fibromyalgia

Research into how brain responses are affected in Fibromyalgia

Arthritis Research UK have provided funding for a team at the University of Sussex who aim "to investigate how the brain responses for pain and fatigue are affected by the body’s ability to control the fight or flight response, and by increases in inflammation." Find out more details here:Arthritis Research UK - research into fight or flight response

Research into weather affecting pain levels

Arthritis Research UK have provided funding to a team at the University of Manchester who aim "to investigate the association between weather and symptoms in people with arthritis and other conditions of chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia. Patients will be asked to input their daily symptoms, such as pain intensity, into a study application (app) on their smartphone or tablet. This data will then be linked to the weather where they are using their devices global positioning system to get information from their nearest weather station." Find out more details here:Arthritis Research UK - research into weather affecting pain levels

Primary and secondary suffering

Living with chronic illnesses is not only hard physically, but emotionally and mentally too. There are a lot of obstacles to face and sometimes it's hard to navigate your way through depression and anxiety caused by living with an invisible illness. For some tips and information on mindfulness and primary and secondary suffering have a read through one of our old blog posts here: Primary and secondary suffering and the Three Systems Model


Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to help soothe and calm your mind. Another of our old blog posts continues to discuss mindfulness here: Mindfulness blog

Self soothing

For more information on self soothing (self-care) have a read through another of our old blog posts here: Self soothing blog

Sex and Chronic Pain

This information is from Pain Concern. You can visit their website and read the full leaflet here: Sex and Chronic Pain leaflet   Sex and Chronic Pain Sex may be an embarrassing subject to talk about, but communication is key. This leaflet is full of great ideas and useful information about how to achieve balance between a sex life and living with chronic pain.

Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia

Pregnancy can be an extremely hard time, add in that you have chronic illnesses and it can be a minefield of what you can and can't do. For some useful information visit FMAUK's website for tips from conceiving to birth to beyond: FMAUK pregnancy and beyond If you'd like to read honest diary entries from someone who has been through pregnancy whilst living with Fibromyalgia visit: Melissa vs Fibromyalgia - pregnancy diaries

Chronic pain and Sleep

People living with Fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain conditions often have problems sleeping and experience many disturbances throughout the night. Please click the link below to a Pain Concern leaflet on 'pain and sleep' for some tips on how to achieve a better night's sleep! Pain Concern - Pain and sleep leaflet