Our fundraising efforts so far…

So far this month we have been at the Gateshead Stadium Christmas Village raising money and awareness of Fibromyalgia in the community. The Christmas Village was extremely busy and super Christmassy! Our tombola stall was very popular and we got the chance to speak to a lot of people about Fibromyalgia. A huge thank you to all who helped out on the day, and to everyone who shared that we would be there through their social media! You’re all absolute stars! I’m so thrilled to announce that from that day alone we raised a whopping



We also ran a Champneys spa treatment gift set ‘lottery’ on social media and have raised an extra £100!

We’re doing SO well gang! I’m so proud of you all and so thankful to everyone who helps in any way they can!

I love our group so much!

We’re got a couple more fundraisers to go before Christmas, with the Metrocentre on the 3rd of December and the Quorum Business Park Christmas Market on the 6th of December!
How much do you think we can raise?!

For further details on the fundraisers please have a look on our events page!