Our Christmas Party 18-12-17

Ho, Ho, Hola gang!

We had our Christmas Party yesterday, and so many of you turned up to wish one another a Merry Christmas and spend some time with your Fibro family! It really was such a lovely couple of hours and I feel so lucky to know so many wonderful people!!

We welcomed along some members who have recently set up a support group in Gateshead, they meet at the Gateshead Civic Centre, once a fortnight, meeting at 11:45/12pm ish! Their next meet up is on the 9th of January. They’re only just starting out and have a small number of members so far, but they are going to be coming along to our group meetings for extra support and the committee will be going to visit them too to help them settle into their support group.

We really did all have a lovely time, there was Christmas music, lovely decorations, a mega buffet (bravo gang…bravo!), we all left with a secret Santa bran tub pressie, and there was the Christmas hamper raffle! Congrats to all the winners, there really was some amazing prizes this year!

I’m including some photos below, I’ve had permission to share them online…and I’m so, so happy to say..

I finally got my group photo that I’ve wanted for so long!

(Thanks Stew for helping me out!!)







I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the group founder Angela Campbell! You’ve kept this Support Group running for the past 9 years now!! Amazing work!! April 2018 is our 10 year anniversary and I can’t wait to celebrate with you all! Thank you so much Angie, for creating this life line for so many living with invisible illnesses.



Sending you all lots of Christmassy love!