‘Not all disabilities are visible’ blue heart badges

Hiya gang,

I found these on Twitter and thought that some members might find them useful, particularly when in a public space or using public transport etc.

N&C Phlexicare are giving away FREE invisible disabilities heart shaped badges to raise awareness for invisible illnesses and to ensure that people who suffer from an invisible disability feel confident in using the facilities that are available to them, without feeling as though they are being judged by others around them. Request your FREE badge today to help raise awareness for this topic and to remind people that not every disability is immediately apparent.

You can order yours via this link: N&C Phlexicare free blue badges

N&C Phlexicare also have awareness posters available to download for free, it might be an idea to speak your manager/the relevant person and get them to be put up in your workplace/communal area!

You can find them available to download via this link: N&C Phlexicare awareness posters