Moving Forward – Mental Health Charity

At our December meeting we welcomed along a group of ladies from Gateshead who all live with Fibromyalgia and had got together through a charity called Moving Forward. They are setting up their own support group now at meet at the Civic Centre in Gateshead once a fortnight.

Moving Forward told us that we would be able to access their services too, so I thought I would tell you all a little bit more about them.

Moving Forward helps anyone who is affected by mental ill-health to get back on their feet. Our main aims are to help people to:

rediscover their self-confidence
learn new skills, or rediscover old interests
build a stronger social network and have more people to spend time with
get back into education or training
find paid or voluntary work
We can support you if:
you live in Newcastle, Gateshead, or South Tyneside
mental ill-health is the main barrier to you taking part in social activities, education, or having a job

What happens once you are referred?
You will be introduced to your Link Worker, who will work with you to develop a plan to help you to achieve your goals and aspirations.
This support could include:
one-to-one practical and emotional help
accompanying you to the first few sessions of a college course
telephone support
introducing you to things in the community that you might like or find helpful
We know that getting back on your feet can be daunting, that’s why our Link Workers will help you to overcome this.

The kind of activities and courses they can help you access are:

Rediscover your confidence
take part in activities
meet new friends
get active by participating in sport
Leisure activities
improve your physical and mental health
activities range from angling to Zumba
Enjoy learning new skills
be creative with arts and crafts
creative writing
find a new interest or discover a new passion
Training and qualifications
confidence and assertiveness
computer skills
customer services
many other options
Educational courses and groups
for leisure, for learning, for life
from taster sessions and hobby classes to college courses

To get in touch with them visit their website here: Moving Forward Website or contact them through email/phone call/text message:

Moving Forward Newcastle
Telephone: 0191 222 0324
Text: 0759 378 4781

Moving Forward Gateshead
Telephone: 0191 222 0324
Text: 0750 740 0917

Moving Forward South Tyneside
Telephone: 0191 427 0011
Text: 0759 415 4768