Members have donated knitted clothing for local premature babies (NHAP)

Some of our lovely members have donated some knitted clothing which will go to local hospitals (RVI/QE/RAKE LANE). This came about as our Fundraiser Ali Bambra’s sister donates to NHAP (Needles, Hooks, Angels and Preemies. Ali thought it would be a wonderful idea to ask our members if anyone was able to knit already and was able to take some time to knit some clothing to help premature babies in our area.
NHAP is a non profit charity based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

N.H.A.P is a group of Knitters, Hookers (the crocheting kind), Machinists and Crafters who are wanting to make a difference, and you can be a part of that too!
We are a none profit making organisation everything we do is done because we care, we do not sell we donate .
We are a group of people who knit and crochet angel and preemie items to be donated to hospitals and families of angel and preemie babies. Currently we send to 200 hospitals in the UK,Ireland,Scotland and Wales, adding more each week as we grow.
We also support various children’s hospitals, children and adults with cancer ,the homeless, dementia patients, the autistic , children and adults with brain injuries.We started off by firstly donating knitted items to the RVI but shortly after creating the group thanks to our members and all those who have helped us we have branched bigger than we thought we ever would and we hope to continue to do so.

If you would like to find out more about NHAP, please visit there website here: NHAP
Or their Facebook page here: NHAP Facebook page

I’m so proud of our members for getting involved and helping out another charity. This charity is close to Ali’s heart as her children were born premature. This act of kindness has inspired me, and we will using some of our craft sessions next year to learn some basics on knitting so that we can donate some more hats and clothing as a group to help babies and families in our community.

Thank you so much gang!

So, SO proud of you!

Sending big love!