Great North Run Weekend

This weekend is our hometown Great North Run and the Great North 5K the day before!

This year we are so lucky to be able to say that we have people fundraising in both events!

First up on Saturday is the Great North 5K, and we have one of our long time members, Jane, walking the 5K in order to raise money to help keep our support group running! Jane has Fibromyalgia and will be walking the 5K to raise awareness and make Fibromyalgia visible to the general public!

We are so grateful and in awe at Jane’s generosity and strength, what a woman!

Jane has set up a JustGiving page to raise the money, and has already raised half of her target! To read more about Jane’s story, share our page, or to donate just click the link is here: Jane’s JustGiving page

Then on the Sunday it’s the Great North Run, and this year we have Elvis running for our support group again! We are all so grateful, especially considering the reason Elvis is running for us. This year the lovely Stew had signed up to run for us, Stew is Ali’s (one of our committee members) husband and sees day in, day out how much Fibromyalgia affects lives. Stew lost 4 stone and began going to the gym and eating healthily to prepare for the Great North Run, but unfortunately Stew found a lump in his neck, which turned out to be cancer.

Stew isn’t well enough to run for us this year, having just finished his chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, but Stew’s best friend, Elvis (who ran for us last year!) has stepped in and wants to run for Stew, and for our group! Considering everything that has happened we have decided to share the money raised from Elvis running the GNR with Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre Newcastle, which is based in the Freeman Hospital.

Maggie’s have been an incredible support for Stew, Ali and their whole family, and we wanted to show Maggie’s how much we appreciate everything they do! To read more about Stew and Elvis’ story, share our page, or to donate, just click the link here: Stew and Elvis’ Great North Run JustGiving Page

A massive good luck to both of our fundraisers!
We’re so proud of you both!