Dolls for dementia patients – donations welcome!

Our lovely committee member Ali Bambra is collecting dolls and dolls clothing to donate to dementia patients. This is through the same group that we collected the knitted blankets for premature babies for. If anyone is passing a charity shop and sees a doll or clothes it would be so kind and so lovely if you are able to donate them to this cause. Or if you’re having a clear out of your children’s toys and can spare a doll they don’t play with anymore that would be incredible!

What are the benefits for people with dementia?

Some people with dementia find that they get enjoyment from holding or simply being with a doll. It might remind them of a time when they had young children of their own or simply create pleasant feelings of reminiscence or affection. Some family members find that giving the person they care for a doll seems to inspire a renewed sense of purpose, which can lead to increased activity levels and liveliness.

Having a doll to interact with can improve the person’s communication, which can produce improvements in communication with other people.

Dementia UK – the use of dolls in dementia care

If you have any questions or would like to donate please get in touch with us at!