Message from Prof Kim Lawson

I have seen a number of comments on FB. Straight answer is that people with fibromyalgia do not fall to the high risk category. Although some people, but not all those, with fibromyalgia will have altered immune function it is not immune-suppressed as defined by the guidelines.

There are 3 issues to consider, there will be some people with fibromyalgia who might respond worse to the virus (as we would see with people without fibromyalgia), some because of additional conditions may be more vulnerable and some with fibromyalgia for who it is no worse than a bad cold. The later group need to be reassured that not everybody will be badly effected.

As with many of these situations it is very individualised and people need to take the measures that they think applies to them and they feel comfortable with.


More information on Covid-19 and Fibromyalgia from FMA UK