Chronic illness Christmas prep!

Living with a chronic illness (or multiple chronic illnesses as is common with Fibromyalgia!) it’s hard to cope with extra stress and commitments added in to your daily routine. So whilst Christmas is a wonderful time of year, it can be hard to cope with. I’ve said before that living with chronic illnesses has a lot of admin involved, so for me it’s a lot of planning and lists and at Christmas time that doesn’t change! Unfortunately chronic illnesses don’t take the holidays off, so we need to be prepared for the festive period, and everything that goes with it. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it can all affect you. From planning medication in between pharmacy and GP closures, to shopping for basics and food (and shops being a lot busier!) we need to navigate our way through it all.

So I recently asked members across Facebook and Twitter how they cope with the Christmas… here’s their answers!