Chronic Illness Christmas List

Hi everyone!
I recently asked our members on our Facebook page what would be on their Chronic Illness Christmas list. With December only a day away I thought it would be nice to see what people are asking for this Christmas to see if it might give people some ideas for stocking fillers!

Well, well, well… aren’t we a cold bunch! Although, it doesn’t surprise me since we usually have trouble regulating our body’s temperature!
Plus, Raynauds is very common with Fibromyalgia, I know I suffer badly with it!
Find more info on Raynauds here: NHS info on Raynauds

I have to say that my Christmas list does look similar! My dad is getting me a heated blanket, I’ve asked for slippers and fluffy socks, and someone else is getting me heat packs.. I am the forever cold friend ha!

I would also LOVE a Himalayan salt lamp, they’re supposed to be very soothing ( find them here: Himalayan salt lamps on ) I’d also like to look into essential oils and the different properties they have and different symptoms they can help manage..and maybe look into essential oil diffusers too (find them here: Essential oil diffusers on )

Here’s a link to a brilliant article on The Mighty with some lovely ideas for stocking fillers for your chronically ill friends this Christmas too: 32 Perfect ‘Stocking Stuffers’ to Give a Loved One With Chronic Illness

Sending Christmassy love!